Saturday, January 15, 2011

Me, Sans Makeup & in a Food Coma

 Outfit Details:
Dress- Papaya, a gift!
Toms- Gift!
Sweater- Target

I love my Toms! They definitely get a lot of  'That girl's crazy' looks but I love how obnoxious they are. They're a little too big, which makes me sad, but that's a minor problem considering how much I LOVE THEM.

I know I've been neglecting the blog, but I feel I have nothing to report and honestly, my mood has been in the crapper lately. But it's definitely all better now, I just needed some food therapy and me time! Which reminds me, I've been having a lot of cooking adventures lately. I'm seriously gaining more pounds from pasta every week! I invited friends over today and we made some bowtie lasagna, olive cheese bread, and peanut butter pretzel chocolate chunk cookies. We never said we weren't gluttons.

Unflattering picture amidst the chaos where my ear looks unnaturally elephant-like.
Bad lighting, put this is the olive cheese bread that was amazing. -ly bad for us but tasted sooo good.
I hope you guys will have the best weekend! It's good to have an extra day just to relax, or stress about school, whichever suits your fancy!



  1. Mmmmm....that bread looks delicious. When I go on food binges (so basically all the time) I just stick to ignorance is bliss. If I don't know how many calories are in this cake, then they won't all go straight to my hips, right? Right. :)
    Anyway, you are lovely and those shoes...mmm..I love sparkles.

    ♥ Olivia

  2. Yummy olive chese bread! You look great without makeup, btw;)


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