Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures!

I haven't updated in such a long time, I'm sure you've noticed my absence. :D Haha but anyway, this past weekend was freaking crazy! As some of you (okay, maybe 2 of you) know, I'm in my high school's Student Council. I got chosen along with 11 other kids to go to the StuCo State Convention in Pine Top, Arizona. Now, lemme give a little disclaimer: Arizona is dead serious about StuCo- you will never get crazier than a city full of AZ StuCo Teens! The enthusiasm and spirit really is overwhelming. Everyone's so nice and fun to be around, I met quite a few people and had tons of fun. But then, there was the 4 hour ride back home...

 Yes, it snowed, and yes, I was foolish to be excited about it. Hey, I live in the central part of AZ so we never see such things!

 We stopped by the side of the road onto this camping site to take a few minutes and play in the snow- we brought sleds just for the occasion! But as we pulled back onto the road, we got stuck. Like, really, really stuck.

 This is definitely teambuilding at its finest. We all clambered out in the freezing weather and ruined our clothes and shoes with the hope that we'd get our bus out of the mud. Defeated and cold, we gave up after a few other StuCo's helped us (We are so thankful to them!) for a good hour!
 My friend Gen and my brother made a snowman. If you're stuck in the snow, might as well make the most out of it I guess?

 Super cute fireman to the rescue! :) Yes, I am a creeper. Tough.

And afterwards we went to Chili's with a StuCo that helped us out and made our way home safely!!

It was certainly an adventure, and I am spending my time relaxing watching My Strange Addiction and eating tons of food. Life's beautiful, innit?


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