Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i am not the kind of girl

who comes home from school and does anything, you know, productive. I made some chai tea, took out my contacts, donned my fuzzy slippers and took pictures.

I forgot that I accidentally dipped my hand in jalapeno juice (don't ask) so when I briefly washed my hands and took out my contacts, I couldn't really remember why my eyes felt like they'd been dipped in a vat of radioactive waste. Not. A smart.Move.

I really should not be left alone with a camera and cup of tea.

Outfit Details:
Blouse- Korea
Paperbag Waist Skirt- Thrifted and altered
Fantastically Fuzzy Slippers- A gift
Crazy "Decorative" Chickens- A purchase of my mother's ever-entertaining style.

I just got these glasses a week ago, and the first day I wore them to school everyone thought they were fake. It irks me that people would think I'd wear them just for show when they're prescription. (I'm pretty blind...) Does that make me a hipster? Whatevs, man. I picked the glasses BEFORE they became a trend. Psh. :)



  1. Yes! Bloggers for Procrastination!

  2. Well thank you Bethany! I love altering ill fitting stuff, it floats my boat :)

    Chuck, procrastination is my middle name! It feels so good but soo wrong.

  3. Yay, fellow AZ blogger!!

    Don't let the silly AZ hipsters tell you whether or not you should wear glasses. We both know that they don't know anything.

  4. love the glasses AND love they are real :)

  5. There should be AZ blogger meetups! Granted there would only be like, 10! :)


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