Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Religion of Gaga: a Guide of Sorts!

Oh, Gaga. You may hate her, you may love her, but let's face it- she's doing something right. What makes her so appealing/popular, and more importantly:

how can I be like her?!

Alright, not exactly like her. Wearing latex and lingerie concoctions in freezing NYC weather hardly seems like something worthy of emulation, but you know, how can a girl be like the Gaga that her fans see? A fiercely independent and caring icon that uses her influence for things she believes in? Does the answer lie in her purple teacup or platinum blonde wigs? What about her armadillo heels or maybe... her-her-her-telephone?! Okay, I'll stop. But I have a few tips here that might help bring the inner Gaga that we all have, out into the world.

1. Don't be scared of changing things up a bit.
Think of her predecessors Madonna and maybe even Christina Aguilera. Their looks changed so many times they all looked like completely different people! Sometimes I give myself crap for not having a definable 'personal style' yet and that I'm all over the place, but that's a process that takes time and experimentation! Some days I feel like wearing a maxi dress and flats, and other days I just want to be all primped up in heels, skirt, and blouse. Deal with it.

 2. Stand up for your beliefs.
Gaga's all for the gays- and that's pretty much indisputable. It's in her songs, in her speeches, she even uses her fame to reach the goal! (Which makes me feel a little denied of my Gaga attention- let's not forget about the fabulous heterosexual fans who put you there...) So whatever moves you to take action, adopt it wholeheartedly. Not to the point where you argue with everyone you meet that might not completely agree because that's downright obnoxious. Here's a few things I believe in: Christianity, Vegetarianism, Nerdfightaria, and Superforest.

3. Sometimes, making sense just doesn't matter.
I don't need examples for you, do I? I mean, what the dookie is "Alejandro" even about? And who the heck is Roberto? Fernando? ... Cilantro? Forgo all of the things that were told to you about common sense (That's super easy for me!) and drive the super long route to work. Who knows, maybe the scenery will be nice. Wear heels while walking the dog just because it makes you feel pretty. I think we've all deserved our moments to be completely irrational.

4. Be upstanding & GRATEFUL!
Have you seen her Tweets or Twits or whatever they're called? Just about every one of them is for her "Little Monsters" or fans. I'd prefer to be called a Monster than a Lamb by Mariah Carey. Just sayin. She's never lost sight of how important the fans are to her which makes her such an amazing performer. I know that she goes around clubs doing things I never ever want to know about, but when it comes to other people, she will do anything. Here's a little trick I learned: instead of saying "I have to" just change it to "I get to". I get to go to school, I get to go to work, I get the opportunity to do so many things.

5. Don't doubt yourself for a minute.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that 99% of us doubt ourselves just about every day. We're never completely confident about something, but we can work towards it. If you're wearing your favorite maxi dress or heels to class and get some weird looks, brush it off. You're a G. :) Although I hate the slightly accusatory glances I get when wearing my favorite things from Goodwill, I secretly love it because it makes me stand out in a non-negative way. I'm wearing a vintage batwing dress that makes me look like a Chinese schoolgirl. So-freaking-what?! It could be so much worse, and you can't blame me for being myself.

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There you have it. You just Gaga'd yourself. And if you didn't realize by now, I do like Lady Gaga. And if you don't, I hope that this post eased your hatred... I do realize that this has been pic overload but you have to agree that it's entertaining to see her outfits, no? :) Have a beautiful day, dear reader!



  1. I enjoyed this post! Quite inspiring actually. Never thought Gaga would inspire me lol. Those shoes she's wearing in the last picture somehow remind me of insect legs...:P

  2. I adore Lady Gaga, she's a feminist icon of sorts. You should check out some of the Alejandro reviews posted on the web, if you analyse the video and the song it is about societal and religic pressure on people to conform to gender bound roles. I LOVE HER

    and yes, this is a superfun post :) I definitely try to put some G in my step!

  3. It's very interesting, her 'subliminal messages' and use of symbolism! I listened to Born This Way and it kind of made my day!

  4. Amazing post with some great ideas, especially the beliefs one.
    I am now preparing to 'Gaga' myself!

  5. Awww I liked this post. I never knew that Lady Gaga always thanks her fans( probably cause I'm not really into twitter). I love her music because of the irrationality. Sometimes gibberish is so much better than rationality. :)

    ~newscutouts from

  6. All good points! I like #3 especially. Why not have some fun?

  7. I don't pay attention to Lady Gaga for fashion or music.

    I think of her as a political activist who I generally agree with. Glad to have her on the team.


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