Sunday, February 27, 2011

sunday morning. ish.

Oh you know. Just snoozin.

Outfit Details:
Black Onepiece: F21
Crochet Vest: some store in Korea
Shoes: some store in Korea... (I got A LOT of stuff there.)

Does anyone else seriously dislike Sunday mornings? Every week I always feel so down in the dumps and lazy. Maybe it's the impending doom of school or work the next day, maybe it's a crash from the exciting Saturdays filled with Netflix movies and blog surfing. (Please note the sarcasm.) But I pretty much abhor them. I'm always given chores to do, stressful college stuff to do, and just overall blah-ness. The whole idea of college is starting to get very real, and I cannot believe it! I decided on ASU, which I'm sure people will secretly give me crap for since it's known as the country's party school, but it really doesn't matter. It's closer, cheaper, and better for me at the moment and I'll transfer in a year anyway :) muahaha.

But anyway. I'm going to go read on mah Kindle- it's the love of my life.
And a linkie poo for you!

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  1. Love the outfit, hate Sundays, terrified of deciding about my own school, love you!
    Also, I love Italian food, but its torturous having to walk past it carrying countless vases and pillows and coffee tables and not be able to eat any!


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