Friday, March 4, 2011

pretty young things, repeat after me:

Sing Na-na-na. :)

Yay for blog procrastination! But I was legitimately busy so I had an excuse. Please find it in your hearts to forgive a terrible offense!

So a few things happened to me this week, which was quite a pleasant surprise- I went with my best friend to her senior photo shoot. The photographer is actually my ex-cheer coach and friend from Tae Kwon Do for a couple of years. I guarantee that she is THE nicest and cutest photographer in the world. She knows what she's doing too! Checkcheckcheckitout: (My senior pictures are in her portfolio, heehee.)

Today we went to a Council Meeting (Ho hum) about possibly building a private university in our city. It sounds like the pits but it was informative and the various University presidents did give some good advice. However, I have no idea how people can sit for 2 straight hours. I got so uncomfortable towards the end I couldn't. freaking. stand it. I guess I'm fidgety.. Hey, I skipped school though=WIN.

OH! And I wanted to share a song with you, one that makes me happy whenever I listen to it. I heard it on the radio a few days ago and anything by Michael Jackson just makes my day, mind you, but this song especially makes me feel all amazing like and happified. I'm a doof. I make up words.
What songs make you feel happy? I want to know!



  1. I lvoe your photos!
    You should check out me giveaway here :) H&M and MAC!

  2. Missing school for things like that is the best.
    Also, you're for sure the number one PYT.
    Anddd I like you:)


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