Wednesday, March 30, 2011

still takes my breath away

I haven't updated in eons in blogger time.. My apologies! I've been lazing about, pretending to do work and getting stressed because of graduation (It's coming up and it's terrifying!).. So I've been trying to cram as much time spent with my friends as possible before they leave and we go our separate ways.

So yeah, I recommend a girl's night where you make food and watch movies. The whole day. We made our famous spicy linguini with clam sauce (HOLYCRAPAMAZING) and cake pops and truffles. Our food babies were kicking, I will tell you that. Then a spirit week with a Sadie Hawkins dance to conclude the festivities.

Does anyone else match shirts on Sadie Hawkins? I didn't know it was a thing.. Huh.

And now it's prom season, and I love all of the posts on Facebook I've been seeing of how the guys ask the gals out in their creative, endearing ways! It's like a movie, and my love of romantic comedies isn't necessarily helping my expectations!
Do you have memories of your prom?

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