Tuesday, May 31, 2011

bowling and dinner: summer entry 4!

I really have been horrible with updating- it's so hard to bring the camera and take pictures wherever I go- my camera's a bulky thing.. But no more excuses! My summer so far has been blissfully lethargic. We went bowling and said goodbye to a friend who went back home to Germany and I saw a myriad of movies (Hangover Part Two- Hilarious. Yes, I'm one of THOSE girls..) My outfits have been pretty blegh, I apologize, but I do stay home pretty much all day!

Yesterday our guy friends made us dinner and we pretended it was a restaurant and made reservations and the whole nine yards- it was the cutest thing in the world. I recommend that you coerce your fella into doing it as well! It was fantastic and then we saw a movie afterward, of course. You know those moments when you're really grateful for all of the good things around you? This was one of those times.

I hope all of your summers have been great so far!!



  1. That's so sweet. It sounds like you've been having fun, and there's never any need to apologise for that! I love your dress, too. The shoes give it that extra something that turn a dress into an outfit.

    P.S. I have a Blog Award for you(I'm not sure if I managed to tell you at the time.:) The deatails can be found on my May 25th post. I'm so sorry about the late notice, but my Google account hasn't been letting me post comments for the last 2 weeks. xx

  2. Agh thanks so much Ashley!! I will definitely check it out on reblog accordingly :)


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