Monday, May 16, 2011

summer diaries.

Outfit Details:
Skirt- Self Made
Wedges- Ross

I saved the flower in my hair from it's potential early doom in the trash can when my mother was about to throw it away. I consider myself a flower rights activist. Okay that was lame, but my summer has already greatly diminished my social interaction time! Bear with me, folks.

I've been trying to wear less makeup now, I always thought that girls who cake their face with makeup must really have some self-esteem issues. I never want to surprise people, in a bad way, how different I look with and without makeup so I try to keep it minimal. It was just eyebrow pencil and mascara today! And these allergies are driving me nuts- my eyes get all puffy and I'm a sniffling, coughing mess. Bleh.

Starting Wednesday, after graduation, I'll be trying my hardest to post something every day, to record all of the events (mundane or not) for the summer of 2011 before college. If I don't post online, I'll journal it, but I'll keep this darn thing consistent! YOU READY?! I'm pumped.



  1. Lovely outfit! You look gorgeous with or without makeup!

  2. Thank you Kirstin! The absolute same goes for you- I only wish I could pull off scarlet lips!

  3. How cute! Love the skirt and love even more that its self-made!


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