Tuesday, May 3, 2011

vibing on your mind

Oh, where to begin? This blog has been in the back of my mind for quite a few weeks now, with full intention of writing a post as soon as I could, but I kept forgetting, was busy, or what other excuse you can think of! Graduation is right around the corner as well as prom, and that comes with very little free time. Between spending as much time with friends as possible and schoolwork, life is kind of hectic right now. Not to mention how tired and antsy I am to graduate!

The past weekend I went to Tucson to visit a possible future college campus and this was my first road trip with just friends. (3 girls, no parents or guys. Sound a little dangerous? I thought it would be fine, but read on, dear visitor.)

The trip started perfectly well, blasting Britney Spears, N'Sync and Adele for the ride there, and checking in to room. We left to the University of Arizona campus to see the sights- and it was gorgeous. Very... old-looking and clean, and family friendly! It came as a shock because just about everything old in Arizona is in shabby condition and/or in the ghetto! It was a beautiful campus and we took many a dorky photo. So we headed back, getting ready for dinner and whatnot! That was when things got weird.

Someone from the "Front Desk" claimed that we'd get our room for free because the telephone lines weren't working correctly and told us to let the phone off the receiver until they called back. I have no excuses. We were all being stupid and completely fell for it. The next day they called again, left notes at our door, and were being perverts. It's an absolute shame that three girls can't go to a city without feeling in danger. Whoever they were, THANKS.Thanks for ruining my birthday present. Jerks.

Lesson to take home: Be careful of jerks and perverts! :)


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