Sunday, June 26, 2011

lazy like summer mornings.

My friend Gennifer's Senior Photo Shoot, I'm so glad she brought us along. I really cannot believe how fast time has flown. Only 2 more months before we move all our belongings to college!
(I made the white dress she's wearing in the first two pictures, it fits her perfectly, I was so happy!)

In other news, the only thing that gets me out of bed in the mornings is my vacation to Oregon in a week or so! The family and I are driving (eep!) to Oregon. We've rented a beach house and my cousin is coming to the vacation with us. UHM. AND WE'RE GONNA WATCH HARRY POTTER WHEREVER THE HECK WE ARE. That's right. I just hope that this Physics class will end with an A. If not, at least I have Oregon to look forward to...



  1. can't believe you made that white dress, it's beautiful! you have a real talent! cute photos!

  2. Thank you!! These pictures make me want to upgrade to a DSLR very soon :)

  3. You and your friends are so cute, its ridiculous.
    That dress is lovely! I wish I could do more than just cut pants into shorts (which I usually do poorly).
    As for my excessive posting, I'm hoping if I just post a bunch people won't notice I skipped a week haha.

  4. the three of you are just too lovely. the white dress you made is a splendour : you are very talented!


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