Friday, June 17, 2011

something borrowed

Last week I came across three tickets to the Bridal Fashion Debut from a friend so I thought we should have a little fun with it.. I brought a few girlfriends and we fabricated a story about a wedding taking place. My best friend was the bride, me the Maid of Honor, and my other friend as the groom's sister!!

We even had the location, date, and everything else memorized! Even though we were a little sad that not a lot of people asked for the details, we still had a shocking amount of fun. There were so many young brides to be, we just wanted the cake samples and try on wedding dresses! I hear that's bad luck.. We couldn't find any our sizes anyway..

 Then a fashion show ensued after the festivities- my first fashion show! The girls were gorgeous even if I didn't especially enjoy the dresses. So much fun, I wonder how many people just went because they wanted to? I'm sure no one... IT'S ALRIGHT THOUGH I GOT FREE STUFF(:



  1. Mmmm I love bridal shows. My sister is getting married (next week actually) and for the last year and a half we've been going to any and every show around us. I love the free stuffff♥

  2. I always feel so ridiculous because I am FAR from getting married but I feel like a kid in a candy store with all of those floofy dresses and cakes samples :D And take pictures of that wedding, it'll be so exciting I'm sure!!


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