Thursday, June 16, 2011

sigh no more.

Between stressing about failing my physics test (YES, I SAID FAIL) and trying to get adequate amounts of sleep whilst balancing a questionably hermit social life, I've been existing.

Existing and living are so different, and I wish I were presently doing the latter. I'm in what many would call a rut. A quarter-life crisis if you will. I haven't been feeling very creative, and I'm not in my zone! It bugs me that I'm doing barely enough to skate by on just about everything except for school. I definitely think it's time for a break from all this learning nonsense and get the proper break my brain deserves! Luckily I have 2 weeks left of this blasted summer class until my roadtrip to Oregon. I am just itching to get to the beach and soak in the sun.

I need a new perspective, a new take on everything I do. Listen to me, I'm like an 18 year-old Eat, Pray, Love just waiting to happen. Dear God, does this mean I get to spend my life's earnings to go to a foreign country and meet a gorgeous man?! I like to see the upside in things...

These are webcam pics. Please pray for me as I work to regain a social identity :)



    But really though, I get you (as per usual). I will go to Italy and Bali with you. We will meet young Javier's and fall in love. It will be awesome.
    LUH U.

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  3. lmao! 18yr old Eat Pray Love. I also felt like that when I was in school. I really like your blog c: I found you on Good Stuff Only by Miss Amelia who I found through Gala Darling who you also found apparently through Gala Darling,whatta chain! I just started my blog a week ago so if you wanna leave any feed back I'd appreciate it c:

  4. @daniela- Miss Amelia is so amazing! Loved that blog, what a fantastic lady. And I can't believe you started your blog a week ago, your posts are amazeballs.

    @olivia- LUHYOUWIFEY!

  5. I love Miss Amelia's style, I've been looking at rockabilly and 50's dresses etc and her blog just encourages my habit haha and thank you so much for your compliments c:


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