Sunday, August 14, 2011

before we lose our minds

Occasionally I do dedicate some posts for personal things, for record of course!

I'm so absolutely out of it, I was never one for seamlessly adjusting to change. I just moved into my dorm today and said goodbye to my family, leaving me with a complete stranger to call a roommate. I get super self-conscious because I seem cold when I'm just terribly shy, I like to look at my feet  and I don't really cuss like a sailor. I sometimes feel like being myself makes others uncomfortable just because I'm not a regular 18 year old. I was never one to socialize because I suck at it, I prefer staying home and watching old movies to a party, and I always did things to lock in a successful future rather than an awesome present. Some things I wish I could change, and I'll certainly try, but for now it's all about the baby steps.

Leaving my family and friends sucks. Like seriously.

And yes, I bring Audrey with me wherever I go, no laughing!

Anyway. I miss my family and my friends. And I miss my house. Knowing that I live in a building full of teenagers doesn't exactly put me at ease... Any advice would be surely appreciated!


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