Wednesday, October 12, 2011

little update and some changes!

Bam. So my older brother bought me and my younger brother tickets to the AWOLNATION concert in November and I am super excited... That is all that's happened this week!!

I have been studying nonstop for what seems to be a myriad of exams, one right after the other. While I'm struggling to stay afloat I frequently take a step back and evaluate my progress. It was terrible, for the past week I was losing some hair from the stress. Too much info, possibly, but I'm quite sure my body is more freaked out than how I actually feel. I'm so overwhelmed with studying that even complaining or whining about it makes me upset. It's almost as if I'm acknowledging that these books, flashcards, and study guides are beating me! And how could they, they're just paper!

SO. Because I want to keep up with this blog as much as I can with pertinent, interesting things, I'm gonna shift the focus of Soychild just a tad bit.

Prepare for the randomness to ensue because this blog will now officially feature regular posts about science, fashion, and positive thinking. 


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  1. thinking positively is indeed very important!! good luck with your study... try to relax :)


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