Sunday, October 2, 2011

finally something substantial!

So yesterday I went to celebrate a friend's birthday party, just planning on going to dinner and it took us until midnight to come back to our rooms! (Good food, but ungodly long amount of time to get a table and then food.)

And guess who's nursing a cold for staying up so late? Yeah. That one bit me in the butt. I hate getting colds. I feel terrible and need it to be gone by tomorrow due to my midterms. So I definitely took an overdose on Vitamin C capsules and cold medicines. I swear by drinking tons of water and orange juice, and hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow. But the main thing that's making me feel 1000X better: 
MY DOCTOR WHO COFFEE MUG. Seriously, whose awesome brother purchases such things for an older sister? That would be mine. 

I hope you are all doing well and are healthy! If not, abuse of cold medicine always helps!


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  1. what a joyful team you are ;) hope you'll get better very soon :)


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