Sunday, November 6, 2011

the college girl's dilemma: sacrificing style for comfort?

Girls you know what I'm talking about. You don't have to be in college to understand that sometimes there are moments when practicality rules over fashion. Part of me wants to wear heels and dresses to class, but the other part of me remembers that I have to ride a bike or walk 15 minutes to get to class every day. 

Isn't there a happy middle that we can all compromise on?! Please God, tell me I can be fashionable AND comfortable! I don't believe in scrubbing in Uggs and sweats. (Uggs make me say 'Ugh'. Is that ironic? I think not!) 

So here are a few problems you may face and some proposed solutions. Let me be your guide, weary traveler. As you cram for your finals and debate over Subway or Top Ramen, I will make it my goal to help the most important problem! :)

Problem #1: Walking/Biking
*Let's be serious for a mo'. My feet are not used to walking all day in 3 inch heels, I mean I suppose I'll build a tolerance, but let's be reasonable and build it up, yeah? My solution: boots and wedges: (They both keep your feet secure and less likely to trip. Both provide a strong base so those evil cracks on the ground won't make you look like an idiot!)
Huarache Wedges, Forever 21 $27.80
Jumber Jill Booties, Charlotte Russe $40

Problem #2: Laziness
*Sometimes I just feel like my closet is being uncooperative. There aren't any options and I don't feel like taking a long time wondering if this skirt goes together with that top as well as these jeans go with that shirt. So my ultimate solution to that is dresses with tights. Easy comfortable, and suitable for the colder temperatures!

Classique Era Dress, $29.90
Basic Opaque Tights, charlotte russe $6.50

Shift Dress, 14 pounds
Dot tights, $10

Problem #3: Layers
Cuffed Sleeve Jacket, $26

*What if it's subzero temperatures outside and the classrooms are toasty warm? Or vice versa, it's freaking scalding outside and the classrooms are like icebergs? Layers, my friend. Layers are your best friend in the winter and at college! Try these coats and sweaters!
Double Breasted Jacket, F21 $27.50

Problem #4: Scrub Days
Banded Sweatpants, $10
*Okay, so what if, after all of this, you have what I like to call "ugly days" where you just really want to wear something super comfy and warm and soft and wonderful in every way to just re-cooperate, and still look cute? Fleece lined clothes are the gift from above, and awesome screen-print shirts!
Square shirt, $12

Sharkbite hoodie, Tilly's $15
There you go, the college girl's tips to overcome those evil scrub days and miraculously be cute and comfortable at the same time! If you came up with any other issues or hindrances, leave a comment below! Have a lovely day :)



  1. thanks for your comment on my blog! following back :) and i love that yellow dress. i loooove yellow.


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  3. Go with wedges! They always saved all the fashionistas that need to don't kill their feet :)

  4. These are such great tips! I also feel like planning outfits out the night before helps, so then when you don't feel like thinking in the morning it's all done, and you can plan for your day, too!

    Also, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

  5. Hahaha! You've covered all my dilemmas of getting ready in the mornings. Yeah, those mornings that take me over 30mins to get the right outfit together.

    I live in Canada so what makes it worse is that I have to walk to the university in -40 degree weather and the only practical jacket would be a sporty one that wouldn't look quite right with tights or wedges. Oh the dilemmas!

    Anyways, I enjoyed this post a lot =) and I followed!

  6. Haha I wrote a post about my distaste of Uggs and pretty much said the same thing "ugh". Anyway these are great tips not just for casual college fashionistas but anyone wanting to be comfortable and chic!

  7. I hate to sound like someone's mother but you could always put the clothes you plan on wearing the next day out the night before so there just sitting there waiting for you. Oh wait, I am someone's mother...I guess it happens to us all!

    Very good tips and not just for girls in college! I usually default to jeans and a black t-shirt when I really don't know what else to do. And a cute pair of flats has saved me many a day.

  8. Hey, I found your post in the links a la mode section and it was definitely worthy of being there!

    However much you love fashion, making an effort can be a struggle first thing in the morning!

    When the hair just isn't working, I've found dry shampoo or a hat (which is totally acceptable in winter) help the issue.

    Anyway I'll be following you now and would be great if you could check out my blog and (if you like it) follow back :)

    All the best,

    Fi xx


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