Sunday, November 6, 2011

the new trend- couldn't resist!

Yes, I have no idea where it originated from, but the asymmetrical head shave has been gracing gossip and style blogs everywhere lately, and at this time (right in between fall and winter) I always have a craving to switch up my current hairstyle. Does that happen to any of you guys?

Not that I've been thinking about this specifically- I'm determined to grow my hair out but I have urges where I want to chop it all off again! I've been wanting to do something similar to Kelly Osbourne's hairdo (shown above) because it's still classy, and quite retro. Maintenance would be simple enough, and you can transform it from edgy to classy depending on the day. But what about the more extreme versions like the other pictures?

If you have an awkward head shape I wouldn't do it, seriously. I think if you have a round or square face it may look worse. I can get the whole androgynous vibe but in a few years we'll be laughing rather hysterically at all of this I think. Let's not be slaves to the trend!! Just find what works for your style and adapt!

My verdict: Just try cornrows for now, or possibly pin back your hair close to your scalp to mimic the look without the clippers and painfully long process of growing out your hair if you're iffy about it!


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