Friday, January 20, 2012


 Outfit Details:
Skirt- Thrift Shop in Portland
Leopard Loafer Flats-

I love experimenting with my DSLR- different angles, hundreds of settings- best money I've spent! I got it on Craigslist with a ton of accessories for $350! Steeeeeal. Anyhow, I decided to change things up with a skirt today. 

Unfortunately I have labs twice a week where I HAVE to wear pants (ugh. pants.) which I'll get into a mini-rant about later. And the weather's been forgiving enough where I can wear it with a cowl neck scarf and I'm good to go!

But seriously, pants. Unless they're leggings with a tunic top the idea of pants kind of suck. They seriously restrict my leg movement and there are so many factors to the fit like hem, pant leg style, belt straps, low/high-rise, etc. That's why I love dresses, skirts, or shorts! Gives my legs room to breathe!

That may have been an awkward topic, I apologize. But please tell me I'm not crazy, do you have a favorite article of clothing?



  1. I totally agree, pants are vey confining, and skirts and even shorts are much nicer!! Unfortunately it's 9 degrees F over here right now.. Cute outfit! That cardigan is kind of awesome.

  2. 1- love your thrifted skirt. I wish I could vacation more just to go check out new thrift stores!!

    2-jealous you found that great camera on craigs list for so cheap!!! There weren't enough options where i live to buy one so I went new :(

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  3. Thanks for your comment :)

    I love your outfit- and I agree, skirts and dresses are much more comfortable.



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