Saturday, January 28, 2012


My eyesight can be compared to those of a bat. Or you know, an animal that is really, really blind. I can't attribute my poor eyesight to my genes- my brother has perfect vision and my parents are either farsighted or have a very weak prescription. I know everyone told me to sit away from the television screen, okay? My glasses have been at my side since 4th grade. Remember when people wore glasses because they thought they were trendy? Maybe they still do. I always make little comments to myself when I see someone sporting fake lenses. I'm so jealous of their beyond perfect eyesight. But I totally get it, glasses do make you look smarter :)
Like my hipster shades? The special prescription lenses make them obnoxiously heavy, and they slide right down my nose so I constantly look like a poindexter, scrunching my face or pushing them up to my eyes! Anyway, for those of you that are blessed/cursed to look like a smartie pants, you can order glasses online. I bought the frames below online and I loved them!
Prescription glasses are tricky- you want something that matches who you are- they're equally as important as those new shoes or faithful jeans. You also want something affordable that promises quality!

The wonderful people over at are offering my readers some special discounts on their frames and lenses. I think the best part about GlassesUSA is their selection and 110% lowest price. Geesh, if I knew about them before I bought both of my previous glasses I would have purchased some cute retro ones from them! GlassesUSA has a great 100% satisfaction guarantee and are so friendly to their customers. If you want a positive experience buying some new shades use the following discount codes for your purchase. :)
Special Offer:
Take 20% off your entire order of $80 or more and get FREE US shipping with the code: FS20
Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10

But yeah, that was my spiel on eyeglasses- were all bases covered? I think so. Do you wear glasses? If not, would you ever want to?



  1. Ooh, I like your glasses! I'd love some new glasses but I can't really justify buying any... Boo! X

  2. I need to wear glasses too but try to avoid it if I can. These look great on you.

  3. Thanks ladies! I sometimes switch it up with contacts, but it's all a bit tricky! I asked my dad to get me a pair of frames for Christmas :)

  4. I love your glasses. They look very very nice on you :)


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