Friday, June 22, 2012

bug bites & sore ankles.

There was one very important thing I learned about myself last week whilst camping:

I'm not a camper. (If you couldn't tell by the wonderfully optimistic title of this post.)

Don't get me wrong- camping in Oregon is definitely something for the bucket list. The scenery is just breathtaking, whether you're a hippie or not. But, I think it's the community bathrooms. Call me high-maintenance, I don't care, but just the very thought of walking barefoot on a mystery floor just gives me the chills. And this is why I'm a microbiology major... But I loved all of the green!

Except for the bees.. I get that they're important for pollination and stuff... but there was this one blasted bee that would literally follow me for an hour at the beach. Drove me nuts. I was running, in circles, at the beach, looking like an idiot. It's okay Mr. Bee. I forgive you, if that's how you wanna play it.

The campsite was near Tillamook so you know we had to go to the cheese factory. The whole town smelled like, you know, cows and their byproducts but if you get past that it's lovely. Stinky cheese, salami and wine's the way to go. :) Camping was definitely a grateful experience. I daresay I'd do it again. Just because I'm that crazy. 


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