Tuesday, July 10, 2012

boating & america day!

Whoa, Soy. Way to be the only person with a blog in the U.S. not to post about what you did on the Fourth of July. Did you know some Americans think that Independence is a WORLDWIDE holiday? I'm not kidding you. If you think I'm an ignorant American I probably won't blame you. There's a lot of unedumacated fools up in hurr.

But my Fourth of July was amazing. We spent the afternoon soaking up some sun on my uncle's boat out on the river and I loved it so much! Complete the day with some fish tacos, fireworks, and crepes and you've got yourself a very happy and full Soyoung.

-Hope your Fourth of July went fabulously (assuming you live in AMERICUHH! [said in a redneck accent])


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