Monday, October 15, 2012

fall break.

Outfit Details:
Coral top: Free People (Nordy Rack!)
Skirt: Self-made
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Nordy Rack

Oh, Fall Break. How I needed thee. How I yearned for ridiculous amounts of sleep and shopping. Even though it's technically just two days of break, I will take it. I've done more social things over the break than the start of the semester. Sad? Yes. Is it even sadder that I spent a lot of time making clothes instead of hanging out with friends? Also maybe yes. But I missed it so much. It's certainly handy if you don't have the money to buy something brand new or want a one of a kind item you can't find! I've also vowed to take more photos and post more, now that I've gotten a handle on my class schedules and whatnot. 

 And now for some naughty food pics:

Rolled tacos and carne asada fries? Yesh. Yesh ma'am. 

I also saw Looper last night where my future hubby JGL was covered in prosthetics and ridiculous eyebrows. It's okay- I'll still love him no matter what obstacle. Have any of you seen it, and did it resemble a Skrillex music video for you too? Let me know.



  1. Oh my gaaahd that food looks fantastical! And I really love the design on your top, it makes me check twice to see if its a texture or a pattern - but in a really good way!


  2. love, love, LOVE that outfit! those colors are perfect together, and the shoes...don't even get me started! :) um, next time i'm home can we puh-lease go to the place where you got that amazing looking food?! that sounds so unbelievably good right now. anyways, i'm glad you finally got a break. i miss you and love you and i'll talk to you soon!


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