Thursday, October 18, 2012

we are the tide.

Outfit Details:
Totally rad cableknit sweater: H&M
Purse: Savers or Goodwill? I'm gonna say Savers.

Let me just start this by saying that it was nowhere near cold enough to wear previously mentioned rad sweater, which made me sad. And sweaty. I can't help it- I got way too excited about Fall that I forgot I lived in Arizona. Sweaters in 80-90 degree weather? Let's be real. Le sigh. 

But I'm totally in love with this sweater. The color and the size (I got one a size bigger) are just perfect, and I can totally feel like a hobo and look stylish AT THE SAME TIME. Those are my priorities in life.



  1. Hobo + stylish is the best combo ;) ! And I love the colour of this sweater!

    Be pleased! The weather here is too cold to not be bundled up - thus hiding most outfits! Sadface :(


  2. Love your sweater and your cute blog! :)


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