Sunday, October 28, 2012

sunday mornin rain is falling

Phew! Has it been a week since I posted? I'm trying to keep it updated as much as possible, and this week was filled with awesome food. Those are the best weeks. I celebrated a friend's birthday with a trip to Joe's Farm Grill and some gelato. Also, I made some homemade granola with a recipe from Katia's blog over at Kittysnooks and it turned out so well! I never made granola before, but it tasted fantastic! Thanks, Katia (: 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Self made
Belt: Goodwill
Purse: Savers
Flats: F21 

I made this dress over the weekend instead of doing homework, on a Saturday night. There were two things wrong with that sentence. I shouldn't do homework on a weekend, and also, it was Saturday night. Whatever happened to a college social life, huh? Not that I mind, I much preferred it! I improvised on the skirt, and I got the bodice pattern from the Selfish Seamstress for her Coffee Date Dress. It was a little tighter than I'd prefer for my size, but other than that it worked out pretty darn well! I've always loved brocades/upholstery fabrics for fall and winter. I feel like I'm a walking curtain though, which is just great.

Something tells me I'll be procrastinating on homework a lot more though...



  1. I love your dress! That color is beautiful :)

  2. What interesting fabric! I love the dress!!


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