Sunday, June 19, 2011

it takes something special to be a dad.

Happy Father's Day!

A picture of my dad when he was growing up in Korea.

I always felt bad for dads on Father's Day because it's like a severely watered down Mother's Day. Dads aren't going to get showered in love and bouqets of flowers- they'll get a powerdrill if they're lucky. Such is the stigmas we make and have followed about dads!

A lot of people don't celebrate Father's Day because their dads aren't around- I'm one of the lucky few to still have my dad with me. Would I say that having the presence of my dad around made me a well-rounded person? Haha who knows?! I'd like to think so.

Truth is, my dad drives me absolutely crazy. We have the exact same stubborn, sometimes callous personality who is so bent on finishing a task that we seem like crazy robots. BUT. Every night I'm so grateful for everything and everyone in my life, no matter what. To imagine my life without all of the people I love would be so weird. I love my dad because he loves his family. And he's freaking hilarious when I play him in dominoes.

So if you have someone, anyone in your life that has been a father figure or really a parental figure in general, it's time to tell them that you love them and appreciate their caring and guidance.


  1. that's so nice! Yes me and my father share a lot of the same qualities, much more than me and my mum :) ^.^


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