Saturday, July 23, 2011

...because i'm a nub.

A few pictures to prove that I was actually busy the past month... Yeah, yeah. I was a shoddy photographer during the trip and I left my camera in my aunt's car in Washington. Yeah I know. I'm in Arizona. But it's on its way, don't you worry your pretty little heads!

I already miss my family. I think the best part about meeting up is that we really do love seeing each other. I love my baby cousins, my funny aunts and uncles, and the FOOD. Ay, la comida. (Went bilingual on ya!) We all appreciate good food, not just junk, and we always get a good variety when we all meet up. 

I can't wait to see the family again as soon as I can, and to experience the freezing cold winter. Yeah, even in the summer up in Oregon I was wearing jeans and two sweaters, deal with it! (:



  1. Hey doll! Just been catching up on your blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
    Family is so important! I love being with mine! Even if they (being my brothers) do annoy me most of the time :p

  2. wonderful shots! yeah I can at last leave comments with my google account! :)

  3. Whatever that food is, it looks good. Also, I haven't eaten in, like, five hours, which I think is record, so its looks REALLY good.
    Glad you had fun!
    In other news, Hitchhiker's Guide is sort of a big deal to me, haha. My tattoo is HG based. I'm a giant geek, but whatever, hahah. I always try to make people read the books, but then I get really nervous that they won't like it and pretty much have a panic attack. So, if you decide to read them ever, just tell me you like it, regardless, or I will cry. Now that I've written a novel....bye! :)


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