Sunday, July 31, 2011

seashells and taffy

Oooh, I bet you hate me for posting these pictures now... I kind of hate myself too, the second I got back from Oregon I've been detoxing, and I've been really good too! Swear!

Oh lanta. First it's fresh saltwater taffy, then salmon burgers with homemade fries, then Voodoo Doughnuts. (My lovely doughnut is the one with the oreos and peanut butter on the right... It's called the Dirty Old Bastard, no joke. Or was it Old Dirty Bastard? Let's not get into semantics, that thing was AMAZING.)

And now, after a week of eating all of my fruit and vegetables and drinking milk, I post these photos. Why? I guess my tummy wants to be fat again! WOO!


  1. Wow. Look at all that food! I want taffy now!

  2. Surprisingly, that was my first time trying saltwater taffy! I'm hooked!

  3. that taffy is gorgeous. so jealous of your trip to portland! i want to go to there!


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